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Customize Your Expo Audience

Tradeshows Connect helps you connect to the right audience who are interested in your product/service. Our core objective is to help exhibitors increase their customer acquisition ratio while reducing its cost. We do it by segmenting potential customers with the help of our database marketing strategies.

Customizing your audience is essential for the effective outreach program with potential customers. You can thereby reach out to a maximum number of potential attendees for building up business opportunities. We identify your potential audience demographically. This helps increase business prospects at your booth. We complement your team by offering solutions ranging from business intelligence to lead management.


How we customize the audience?


Align your marketing strategy by identifying the hot spots from where maximum attendees come.

Geography-based targeting of attendees will give you an idea of how prolific your effort can be with attendees from particular locations. Aligning marketing for regions from where the highest number of attendees can come will yield a higher ROI for you.

Geography-based event promotion can be a big boost for business opportunities. Being aware of particular locations can help you devise strategies to showcase your products in a way that attracts maximum customers. When you have an idea of who can be the majority of attendees, local dishes can be arranged for a better impression. This is where our geography-based event promotion solutions come into picture.


Event organisers often organize their events keeping specific demographic groups in mind. Classification of audience based on industry, sub industry, job title or business size can give you deeper insights into their behavior.

Based on demographic factors, we create prolific marketing solutions for your event. With our marketing solutions, you can target the potential buyer without wasting time or money on the audience who are not interested in your product/service.


Behavioral study of registrants at the expo is one of the foremost marketing tools to sharpen targeting strategy. Watch, Identify and Act are catchy words. We classify registrants based on their decision and behavior during registration, those who have chosen the early bird offer and those who were converted through referrals. When this classification is made, you can easily decide what will work best for the promotion of your event. By having an understanding of the behavior of past attendees, you can devise a better strategy for your future events. Our event managers can help you better understand how these behaviour-based marketing solutions work.

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We help you exclude competitors and vendors from your marketing efforts. Contacting only relevant attendees yields higher ROI. This will also enhance marketing effectiveness and help you concentrate solely on your potential buyers. By connecting to potential buyers, you create better opportunities for your business.


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