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Data Elevation Solutions for Higher Conversions

With our data elevation solutions, you will be able to better understand your prospective customers. You can devise your strategy on how to successfully market your services to them, as well as target new clients. Our data elevation solutions ensure your database is complete providing all the essential details such as contact details, size of the business, number of employees and annual revenue figures.

How Do Our Data Elevation Solutions Help?

  • Email append: Email is still one of the most effective ways to connect with customers. We identify and append missing email addresses in your customers’ database. This helps expand your reach and improve the effectiveness of your CRM database.
  • Contact append: Our solutions help you expand your reach within the industry. We provide the contact details of multiple decision-makers, which is an add-on to your existing as well as prospective customer databases.
  • Phone append: Just call and clinch the deal! Our phone append service compares your list of phone numbers with master directory and wipes out DND numbers, so you can have a high-quality database.

  • Reverse appending: We help you with multi channel marketing strategies. Our Reverse Appending service builds a database for you with just email addresses which will be used to figure out other details such as name, designation, company name, telephone and postal mailing address details.
  • Social profile append: Social media expands your market reach. We append the social media profiles of your customers from Twitter, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn to the database. This helps you engage your customers in conversations.
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