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Post-Expo Insights


Post–Expo Insights

The expo may be over, but not opportunities!

Post–expo campaigns are as important as pre-expo and during-expo campaigns. At Tradeshows Connect, we provide exhibitors with attendees’ updated database which includes their phone numbers, email, the industry they are in and more.

Choose our post expo solutions to turn attendees into customers. A thanks of note through email the very next day of the event make a positive impression on prospective customers. We provide strategies to make your audience feel how integral they were to the event. Emails and personalised messages result in a positive impression. We have a dedicated team to run post-expo campaigns for you.


We understand that customers don’t make buying decisions in a single visit. We can help you keep your potential customers engaged by inviting them to upcoming industry events. We devise strategies to increase customers’ interest and engage them with your promotional campaigns which are pertained to activities out of your industry. In short, we make them feel important.

Why post-expo campaigns?

  • 82% of event management professionals agree that attendees wish to connect with exhibitors post expos through calls, e-mails and on social media
  • 46% of audience looks forward to upcoming events after they have witnessed a live event
  • 78% of B2B companies ascertain that post-expo campaigns are essential to create new business opportunities

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